Gujarat for the nature lover, how to travelling in gujarat

Gujarat caters to a diverse set of interests. For those who want to immerse themselves in nature, it offers some of the most fascinating and intriguing sights. From the natural habitat of the lion, to the marshy marine life submerged below the Arabian sea – we tell you the five places that will lure you in, charm you and keep you coming back for more. Explore these sanctuaries with their unique geological landscapes and immerse yourself in all they have to offer.


India’s first Marine Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine National Park were created in 1980 and 1982 respectively, in the the Gulf of Kutch.


                   SAPUTARA HILL STATION

Located atop a thickly forested plateau in the Sahyadri range, Saputara is the only hill station in the Dang district in the south of Gujarat.

                         GIR NATIONAL PARK

No trip to Gujarat is complete without a visit to the Gir National Park. Sprawling across a vast expanse of 1412 square kilometres of dense forest, it is the natural abode of the lion – the only place outside of Africa where you get to experience the wild cats in their natural habitat. Take in the experience in its entirety by exploring everything, from the 250 species of chirping birds darting out of the thick canopy of trees overhead, to the crocs in the marsh waters.

                      LITTLE RANN OF KUTCH

Currently under consideration as a biosphere reserve, this salt wetland is abundant in biodiversity, and shrimp farming is one of the chief means of a livelihood in the area. With a host of wildlife sanctuaries, and rich presence of rare animals, this is one of Gujarat’s major tourist draws.

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