Gujarat generates most e-way bills in country

Gujarat seems to be leading the way in implementation of e-way bills, after the nationwide rollout of the new tax regime. At 1.03 crore, the state has generated the highest number of e-way bills, for inter and intra-state movement of goods between April 1 and June 4, according to data from the state commercial tax department. Gujarat is followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Officials in the commercial tax department attribute this to the high number of manufacturing units in the state. The e-way bill system was rolled out on April 1, where businesses and transporters moving any goods worth more than Rs 50,000 from one state to another, must produce an e-way bill. Such bills are also needed for intra-state movement of some 19 commodities.

Gujarat is home to several manufacturing units, many of which supply raw material and finished goods to other states. The number of e-way bills generated here will thus be higher,” said P D Vaghela, the state’s commercial tax commissioner. Vaghela also pointed to the uniform implementation of the system in the state. “We have formed 39 mobile squads which conduct surprise checks and verify e-way bills across the state. The number of e-way bills generated in Gujarat account for an estimated 20% of all e-way bills generated in the country,” he added. A senior official of the state commercial tax department also spoke of a similar system being implemented during the value-added tax (VAT) regime. “Under the VAT regime, transporters and businesses had to fill forms 402/403 online. The e-way bill implementation has been more or less similar and the transition was thus easier for businessmen,” the official said. Officials also said that they conducted standalone awareness programmes and jointly with industry bodies, which also made way for a smooth transition.

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