ANAMAT Gujarati Movie 2015 - Upcoming Film by DMP Motion Pictures

The Aam Janatano Sadgato Sawal Anamat Gujarati film is going to come soon based on the Anamat of Patidar in Gujarat.  The movie is produced by the Gujarati colors film. D. M. P Motion Picture presented by the Kalasur Music Rajesh Gohil.

Producer: Mahesh Patel, Sanjay Chauhan & Rajesh Gohil

Recently Anamat Andolan of Patidar a big question for the Anamat is raised in India. The film is based on the theme of the Anamat and it will be great movie. It will create a positive thinking on it and will relate to all the people and no anamat for any caste.

Rajesh Gohil is a famous Director of the Gujarati movies. He has produced many successful movies and now going a make a movie on Anamat. In the movie there will action and thriller scenes. The movie will give a new idea that all the caste is same.  
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