Waste is beautiful at NID Ahmedabad

The innovations have been brought to life by furniture and interior design students of NID, who have given beauty therapy to almost all the scrap that came their way. 

They have also shown how discarded bathroom tubs and washing machine drums can be converted into a modish must-have for your drawing room. The designs will be on display at an eight-day Scrap Design Innovations exhibition in NID from February 9. 

The students were guided by Pravinsinh Solanki, faculty, furniture and interior design. Solanki says, "We're educating the youth for Swachch Bharat mission. Cleanliness is not just about sweeping roads but also reusing waste." The student team included Charu Tiwari, Mangesh Prakash, Edwin Sourav Minj, Shahee Nannore and Shruti Jain. 

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24 February 2015 at 00:59 ×

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21 October 2015 at 00:28 ×

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