Thai Food Festival began at courtyard Marriott’s Momo Café Ahmedabad

On occasion of Songkran, the Thai New Year which falls in the month of April,Thai Food Festival began in courtyard Marriott’s Momo Café at Ahmedabad . Citizens who love the traditional Thai food is involved. On the inaugural occasion of Thai Food Festival the Royal Thai consular general and city leaders attended.

Thai cuisine is a carnivorous removing the illusion savante jijienane said Parimal Marriott Chefs, Chefs in Bangkok from we have learned to make the basic somatama salads. In which raw papaya has been used. In addition, we specially made for vegetarians curry paste, curry tophus (soya occurring in milk and cheese so tophus) and other items prepared without eggs, which taste so much like people.

Thai dishes garnishing attractive and Thai culture Thai Food Festival began between decorating the environment is characterized by the Thailand Chefs special spices brought in here to maintain a proper test of dish.

In Thai Food Festival presence of socialist Esther David jijiena Thai dish of his choice he was talking about, I had test prawn soup of the day, but I think Thai curry is very Tasty in looking. Thai food is the seafood, but a selection of vegetarian delicacies, as it aimed to maintain Thai test is made. But it is also very nicely done garnishing. The Thai festival shall take place between 5th April and 14th April at MoMo Café. While for lunch, the buffet would include a Thai live counter, the dinner buffet which is priced at Rs 875 plus taxes would be extremely elaborate with Thai soups, salads, main course and desserts, offering variety for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. The restaurant further entices guests with a traditional Thai head and foot massage as well as some traditional Thai beverages.

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Lovely dishes. I can't resist myself. Thanks for sharing these tasty Thai Food. I would like to share something for New Year Eve. It is believed that the way you spend the first day of the year reflects on how you would spend the rest of the year. So check out new year party Ahmedabad 2014.

Congratulations dimpy roy
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