Narendra Modi’s 3D avatar enters Guinness World Records

Shri Modi’s innovative usage of technology extended beyond thr 3D interaction during the campaign. In the run up to the Vidhan Sabha elections, Shri Modi’s all of Shri Modi’s speeches were shown LIVE on his website and on the TV channel NaMo Gujarat. Despite the punishing schedule, Shri Modi used Twitter every day to communicate with well wishers, share highlights of his speeches and attack the anti-people policies of the Congress Government at the Centre. All his campaign speeches were instantly available on You Tube for well wishers to see. Such innovative use of social media and technology has seldom been seen before in India.

The Gujarat Chief Minister has posted on his blog a Guinness certification granted to Raj Kasu Reddy and Mani Shankar of NChant 3D for his 3D speech during the Gujarat elections campaign last year. They have been listed for the most simultaneous shows of ‘the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion’, a 3D holographic projection technology, the blog says.

The holographic projection technology that Nchant 3D used for Mr. Modi’s innovative speech is popular in Europe and has been also used by Hollywood celebrities like Madonna and Mariah Carey.
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