Gujarat Bodies of Water

The Arabian Sea and its two extensions, the Gulf of Kachchh and Gulf of Khambhat, define the state’s southern and western borders. Located between Kachchh and the Kathiawar Peninsula, the Gulf of Kachchh extends approximately 180 km (110 mi) eastward from its mouth on the Arabian Sea. The gulf’s easternmost extension merges with the Little Rann during the rainy season.

Classified as a Marine National Park and Sanctuary, its southern portion is scattered with several small  islands. The Gulf of Khambhat lies on the opposite side of the Kathiawar Peninsula. Exposed to the southwest monsoon winds, it is known for its fast-moving and wide-ranging tides. These extreme tidal patterns, as well as the incoming flow of multiple rivers, have caused major silting in the gulf, thereby decreasing its depth and reducing the capability of regional ports.
Gujarat has four major rivers: the Tapti, Narmada, Sabarmati, and Mahi. The Tapti and Narmada 
each run east–west from their sources in central India, and they are the only large rivers in the country to empty into the Arabian Sea, via the Gulf of Khambhat.

The Tapti enters southeastern Gujarat, and flows through Surat District to its mouth on the gulf, where a once-busy port is now closed due to silting.

Flowing north of the Tapti through Narmada and Baruch districts, the Narmada is one of the most sacred rivers in India. Hindus believe that it originated from the god Shiva. In recent years, the river has been the focus of a controversial development project involving the construction of numerous large dams for hydroelectric purposes.

Running north–south, the Sabarmati River enters northeastern Gujarat, and flows through the cities of Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad, before emptying into the Gulf of Khambhat. 

The Mahi River also enters the state from the northeast and flows through the Gujarat Plain to the gulf. All four major rivers are used for irrigation. Various lakes are scattered throughout the state, including two artificial lakes in the city of Ahmadabad. one famous lack is "kakariya"
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